Sunday, June 10, 2007

one day to go

We're getting down to the wire, and things are bound to start getting a little crazy. The last 24 hours before a Steve Jobs keynote usually produce a few wild rumors, some of which turn out to be true. There’s no telling what might turn up between now and the moment Steve Jobs walks on stage tomorrow, and we won't really know what to believe until it comes from the mouth of Steve Jobs, a point which writer David Morgenstern echoes here.

Meanwhile, all the usual pieces are falling into place...

O’Reilly’s MacDevCenter has published a list of predictions from a collection of their bloggers.

John Siracusa of Ars Technica has released his keynote bingo card.

And, of course, the usual suspects are advertising and preparing their live keynote coverage, which Apple officially discourages but can't really control short of strip-searching attendees, so they tolerate it, fully aware that it helps generate a buzz, even if those doing the covert coverage sometimes get the details mixed up.

A measure of what's waiting for us tomorrow is how much has already been released, announced, or at least quasi-officially leaked from Apple or their business partners. New MacBooks Pro machines and Apple TVs with larger disk drives both came out recently, and an upgrade to the Apple TV's software was preannounced by Steve Jobs at All Things Digital. Just this past week, Sun's Jonathan Schwartz let the cat out of the bag about ZFS being the default file system in Leopard. What purport to be an official Apple list of iPhone specs and requirements and a scan of an AT&T iPhone sales training manual, both of which might have been suppressed, have been allowed to remain available.

That's a lot of table clearing. So what's so important that it wouldn't leave time for some of these items?

We'll find out tomorrow.

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