Monday, June 11, 2007

last minute fun and nonsense

"There's a sucker born every minute" as someone who should have known is reputed to have said at least once, and that principle is regularly somewhat in evidence in the hours preceding a Steve Jobs keynote, as even the most improbable sources claim to have inside information regarding what he's about to announce, in a play for a moment in the limelight and the hope that it will translate into a boost in their long term stats.

This time around, as reported on TUAW, a German website claims to have a copy of Steve's keynote outline (English translation here).

Gizmodo is reporting that some Swedes with too much time on their hands have created a new Mac application (available here) that will generate a custom keynote bingo card for you.

Here's an actual rumor with a decent chance of being true. MacDailyNews is reporting that among today's announcements will be a multitouch mousepad, which will make the multitouch goodness rumored to be ubiquitous in Leopard available to users of current and older Macs.

Well, aside from a rumor about Apple preparing to launch movie rentals on the iTunes Store, which is unlikely to figure in today's announcements even if true, that seems to be about all there is. I'm a little disappointed. No fake pictures of new products. No talk about a surprise switch to a different CPU architecture. The Mac web seems almost content to wait and hear it straight from Steve Jobs. Whodathunkit?

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