Sunday, August 20, 2006

more changes

I should have known it would happen. I'd been ignoring all participatory options on the web -- other than The WELL -- for so long that, when I finally decided to leap over the wall, I really didn't know which of the available tools to use nor exactly what I meant to use them for.

I started out, just a couple of weeks ago, by creating a Google group, which I've already chosen to let languish for the time being, having replaced it with a blog for the same purpose. (The group may eventually come in handy, particularly if Google has plans for an update to the group software comparable to the one they're now rolling out for Blogger, so I don't want to close it, not just yet in any case.)

And, just this morning, I started a second special purpose blog.

I'll try not to go hog-wild with this, being at least a nominal believer in Occam's razor, but it made sense to spin off at least these two projects rather than to try to deal with either one of them in a general purpose blog.

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