Sunday, August 20, 2006

may you live in interesting times

Oh, MY! Airliner bombings narrowly averted, Israeli troops back in Lebanon, and now a possible breakthrough in the JonBenet Ramsey case! What was it we were concerned about before all of this hit the front page? I don't remember.

Actually, I'd been living in something of a cocoon, with my attention more-or-less glued to what's in store for and from Apple Computer, with the approach of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, now already a week in the past. Good stuff, if you're an Apple fan, but maybe a bit abstruse for a general audience. Check back in January for the more accessible MacWorld version.

I live in Boulder, so that Ramsey case development is real news, although I haven't followed it as closely as I might have had I not gone straight to Google to run a search on the name "John Mark Karr" when there were only two results instead of seven million, and made the mistake of clicking on one of those links. (No, I am *NOT* going to post it!) I also made the mistake of assuming, probably wrongly, that the page that link pointed to was his own. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't; I don't need to know bad enough to take another look.

Cocoons can be nice, but I'm trading the old one in on a roomier model.

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