Saturday, April 28, 2012

concealed meaning in Apple's WWDC 2012 graphic, intentional or otherwise

When I first saw the announcement for WWDC 2012, the graphic caught my attention, that customary apple outline but composed of layered, translucent, diamond-shaped lozenges of various sizes, in bright colors, and what immediately popped into my head was how thoroughly apropos it was, whether intentionally so or not. For me it symbolized where I hope (and believe) iOS and OS X are headed, in the context of iCloud, twin manifestations of a well-ordered assemblage of lean-but-complete modular components, robust enough to be used alone, but only revealing its true prowess when connected to the cloud, represented in the graphic by the white background, which shows through in a few spots.

Actually, I suspect the layering is intentional, and is meant to allude to the genesis of the fully 3D user interface, which would be a welcome development, but, for me, the graphic will continue to have the meta-meaning outlined above, even if it's only a personal interpretation.

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