Saturday, February 27, 2010

D. E. Dilger and friend spoof Mac/PC ads

If you've seen any video of Dilger doing standup comedy, you'll know that he's not always as dry as most of his "Ten Myths of Apple's iPad" videos have been. However, in the 10th installment, he enlists the help of a friend to spice things up a bit, with a result that's quite different. It was intended to be a spoof on the Mac/PC ads, with John Hodgman's character replaced by a slinky iPad running iPhone OS, so that it's Mac OS vs. iPhone OS...

That shared, I must say that it's slightly ironic that Dilger's videos were among the things I couldn't see on the web while I didn't have Flash Player installed, considering some of the things he's said about Flash on the iPhone and iPad. Come on, D.E., let's see an alternative to Flash on your website!

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