Thursday, August 06, 2009

carefully stated caveat

In one of yesteday's postings, I said the following...
This device would be quite at home displaying a movie streamed from a Mac or Apple TV, or equally so accompanying a doctor through hospital rounds, but it would be the smaller one that went into your pack when you were setting off for a camping trip.

A few hours later it occurred to me that it's unlikely Apple would accept the liability of even implying, in their own product descriptions, that any tablet they might produce belonged in the hands of a doctor making hospital rounds, for much the same reason that doctors typically carry hefty malpractice insurance. They might even go so far as to prohibit professional medical apps from the App Store and void the warranties of units put to such use.

Apple is no stranger to the litigious nature of our society, but the medical profession is an extreme case, with through-the-roof stakes. Hopefully we'll soon see some improvement in this state of affairs. Until then, hospitals and corporations that operate them should be prepared to develop their own apps and take full responsibility for them and for the hardware, if they want to make any Apple tablet device available to staff for any patient-related purpose.

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