Wednesday, September 05, 2007

one more thing

The rumors were right; Apple is bringing the touchscreen interface it developed for the iPhone to the iPod, which means OS X whether they say so explicitly or not. (Note the Leopard-like dock on the iPod Touch!)

The new iPod Touch looks very much like the iPhone, so much so in fact that you might just as well think of it as an iPhone without the phone hardware and software. Everything else is there, including the browser, which uses a WiFi connection (802.11 b/g).

It's just part of their iPod lineup, with the Fatty and Classic still using the clickwheel.

Chances are the clickwheel won't ever disappear, but will instead move into software, as suggested by a patent Apple received sometime back.

Oh, the "one more thing"? That was about the new iTunes WiFi Store, which allows you to buy music using your iPod Touch (or iPhone after an upcoming software update) and a tie-in with Starbucks which will provide free use of the hotspots located in their stores for the purpose of buying music they're currently playing or have just played.

Overall, pretty cool!

And still one more thing. They're knocking $200 off the price of the 8 GB iPhone. What costed $599 yesterday now costs $399. The 4 GB is also $200 cheaper, at $299, while supplies last. I expect there are a lot of people, those who already bought iPhones at yesterday's prices, who are feeling like they've been taken, and chances are a lot of those people won't be standing in line to buy the next new thing when it first comes out...but someone will be.

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