Saturday, February 17, 2007

war, escalation, and silence

I'm feeling embarrassed for having had nothing to say about the deepening quagmire in Iraq and the possibility of it spreading to Iran. The fact is, I have nothing to say that wouldn't simply be parroting something already said by others.

Am I glad that Sadaam Hussein is out of power? Sure. Am I glad that he's dead? No. Do I agree that something had to be done about his continued reign? Beyond the sanctions that were already in place, not really. Do I think that what's been and is being accomplished there has been worth the rising price? No, because I don't think it will hold together without continuing U.S. presence and all that means. Do I think the world is safer becasue of it? Safer from some things, but more at risk from others, so not really. Do I think that more troops will produce better results, or at least lower the risk to those there? Doubtful.

Do I think there's anything at all to be gained by attacking Iran? Words fail me. I want to scream "Are you NUTS" at the top of my lungs.

But, as has long been apparent, at least a few of those in Bush's inner circle are exactly that, nuts. Sometimes I think they're there to make Bush look like a moderate, but then I remember it was by him following their advice that we got into our present situation in Iraq in the first place, so I don't count on his resistance to their foolish counsel holding out for long.

If we do attack Iran, I hope to see Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle strapped to the first two bombs dropped.

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