Saturday, May 25, 2013

Free The Press: Indiegogo campaign to raise $660M to buy The Tribune Company

Free The Press is an Indiegogo campaign, sponsored by The Other 98%, aimed at raising enough money to buy The Tribune Company.

So, okay, I'll admit there's something about this that smells slightly fishy. There's no mention, anywhere that I could find, exactly what they intend to do with The Tribune Company should they succeed in buying it. Will contributors to the campaign become stockholders? It seems not. More likely they'd set it up as a private, non-profit corporation, but that's speculation on my part.

Nevertheless, I hope they do succeed. Whatever they have in mind, even if it is to set the staff of The Other 98% up as the The Tribune Company's new board of directors, has got to be better than the alternatives mentioned in the featured video.

If this succeeds, maybe we could start a campaign to raise enough money to buy Monsanto.

I wish I could afford to kick in a million or two.

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